Collection: Dental & Medical Compressor

Dental & Medical Compressors

Here at The Compressor Warehouse we are proud to supply some of the industries top Dental & Medical standard air compressors. With manufacturing brands such as MGF we can offer our customers a robust and professional dental & medical compressor range to suit all ranges of practices.  

Open Frame and Silenced Models

This unrivalled and comprehensive range of oil free compressors are extremely robust, efficient and are designed for demanding applications. Our featured range is available in both silenced and standard configuration, with or without membrane dryers.
All models utilise the innovative PRIME pump of very efficient construction, producing higher air output with a maximum air pressure of 10 Bar providing higher working pressure (8 Bar) for general use applications.
Air Treatment Features
  • Aftercooler - reduce air temperature
  • Dual filtration system - to 0,01 microns
  • Membrane dryer - guarantees an average dewpoint of up to -20°C PDP at 5 bar
  • Maintenance free - simple design
  • Efficient - only requires the replacement of the pre filter elements
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