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Do I need Oil-Free compressed air?

The decision to purchase an Oil-Less or Oil-Free air compressor is based on several factors on whether you need to maintain the efficiency and life of equipment being used to comply with industry standards, directives or guidelines.
There are several technologies available to provide the specific quality of air required however, there is some confusion to the class of air required and how the air quality is defined. Essentially Oil-Free air is generated without any lubricant (oil) coming into contact with the compressed air, whereas Oil-Less air is generated by conventional methods (where oil and compressed air is in direct contact) and then oil removal systems are applied to reduce the oil residue within the final product.
There are many industries and application where the use of an Oil-free compressor is required: eg. Dental, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Laboratories, 3d-Printers, etc.
The Oil free range can be water and particle free by making use of dryer & filters. These compressors can be used as part of a system requiring HTM 2022 compliance or to provide Class 1 and Class 0 compressed air in accordance to EN ISO 8573-1.
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