Collection: Breathing & Diving Air Compressor

Our breathing-air and technical gas compressors range from the small portable compressor of the MCH6 series, with a flow rate of 100 l/min and a pressure of 300 Bars, to the more powerful machine for large refilling centres, such as the MCH36 with a flow rate of 600 l/min and a maximum pressure of 425 Bars. This machine answers the needs of large refilling centres, as it refills a 10Lt single-cylinder at 200 atmospheres in 3.3 minutes. It is also silent, as its noise parameters reach just 75dB. These compressors are available with single- and three-phase electric engines as well as combustion engines powered by gasoline or diesel fuel. Additionally, we offer a series of compressors and important accessories, such as filling panels, transfer hoses, oxygen carbon dioxide and helium analysers, 232 Bar to 300 Bar reducers with safety valves and other useful accessories.
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