Collection: 2.2kW Mini Cube Screw Compressor

Reliable, compact, silent MiniCUBE is the new oil-lubricated coaxial compressor with direct starter, the smallest of the entire FINI screw range. The small size of the air-end/motor connection system allows the machine to maintain an extremely small footprint. Furthermore, thanks to its extreme quietness, only 65 dB(A), it can be placed near any operating environment. MiniCUBE is available in the floor mounted version or on a painted 90-litre tank.

Efficient and cost-effective MiniCUBE is designed for continuous operation in industrial applications. The coaxial transmission, with the air-end directly connected to the electric motor without any flexible coupling, ensures the best transmission efficiency. The three-phase versions are equipped with an IE3 energy efficiency class motor. The FS14 air-end ensures minimum pressure losses, providing considerable energy savings and low operating and maintenance costs.

Simplified maintenance -  All internal components are easily accessible, making routine maintenance fast and simple to perform.

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