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PS 480 Industrial Refrigerated Dryer (RD480.1)

PS 480 Industrial Refrigerated Dryer (RD480.1)

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Fini High performance refrigerated compressed air dryers are ideal for most applications requiring dry compressed air and where the compressed air network is entirely indoors. The aluminium combination heat exchanger reduces the amount of internal pipe connections which results in lower pressure losses and reduced energy consumption. This arrangement also improves reliability as there is a lower risk of leaks. Each model is sized to your system and features simple installation, attractive design and low energy consumption with very low maintenance requirements.

Designed and built taking into consideration the high reduction of energy consumption. The main advantages are:

  • limited pressure drop
  • low power consumption
  • high efficiency refrigeration compressor
  • new gas by-pass valve
  • dewpoint extremely constant
  • functionality even under extreme working
  • conditions (ambient temperature 50°C)


  • Proven high quality and reliable design.
  • Aluminium combination heat exchanger for greater efficiency with fewer pipe joints for enhanced reliability.
  • Very low pressure losses provide greater efficiency and reduced energy consumption.
  • Simple controls with a clear digital display for all operating data.
  • Compact foot print saves space and simplifies installation.
  • RD190.1 environmentally friendly refrigerant.
  • Three phase 400V/50hz power supply.
  • Maximum pressure 14 bar (203 psi).
  • Maximum flow 48000 L/min (1696 cfm) @ 3ºC dew point.
    Volt - 400
    kW - 5.2
    Max Amp - 14.5
    L/min - 48000
    c.f.m - 1696
    Bar - 14
    Psi - 203
    Outlet G (") - DN100
    Product L x W x H (mm) -1140 x 1210 x 1750
    Kg - 463
    Hz - 50
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