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PS.C24 - Slimline Refrigerated Dryer (RD.C24)

PS.C24 - Slimline Refrigerated Dryer (RD.C24)

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Compact size, streamline layout and innovative solutions are the main assets of the RD Slimline 4-30 models, that rely on a high-efficiency exchanger evolution based on the horizontal layout of the air connections that simplifies coupling and streamlines the inner flow.

The RD refrigerant air dryers ensure the production of quality, clean and dry air, essential to preserve the systems and the quality of the finished product. They achieve excellent performance even in instances of unfavourable environmental conditions, and high inlet temperatures.
The highly efficient and ultra compact modular aluminium heat exchanger is able to operate effectively in ambient temperatures up to 45 °C, ensuring a reduced compressed air pressure drop.

The electronic controller indicates on a digital display the dryer operating condition, Dew Point temperature, the dryer’s total working hours, controls the condensate drain solenoid valve via a cyclic timer, the condensing temperature or pressure via a probe and activates the condenser cooling fan. The aluminium drying module has a vertical flow layout ensuring the wet compressed air flows down to the automatic drain. Refrigerant flows in the system by means of high-efficiency piston and rotary cooling compressors whose manufacturing features allow them to greatly reduce consumption with highly reliable design.

All materials are in compliance with our environmental policy: only environmentally friendly refrigerants are used. Components conform with
2002/95/CE “RoHS” (restriction of hazardous substances) and 2002/96/ EC”WEEE” (waste electrical and electronic equipment) European Directives.
Models from RD.C 4 to RD 32 are equipped with ecologic refrigerating fluid
R134.a, all others use R407 C.

RD dryers are sized to match standard compressor outputs. E.g. a 15kW (20Hp) air compressor with theoretical output of 2400 L/min at 7 Bar
matches the RD 25 dryer rated at 2500 L/min. It is therefore unnecessary to select a larger model: air compressor-dryer combination is tested and certified, within operating limits shown in the technical specifications.


  • Compact design that can be floor or wall mounted.
  • Convenient installation due to the front position in/outlet.
  • Hi efficiency horizontal heat exchanger for improved flow characteristics.
  • Simple controls with clear, easy to read dew point indicator.
  • Suitable for installation in ambient temperatures from 3ºC to 43ºC.
  • Single phase power supply 230/1/50hz.
  • Max capacity 2400 l/min(85 cfm).
Volt - 230
kW - 0.33
Max Amp - 3.1
L/min - 2400
c.f.m - 85
Bar - 16
Psi - 232
Outlet G (") - 1"
Product L x W x H (mm) - 220 x 560 x 460
Kg - 29
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