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New G-TEC 7.508-500 DF (c.f.m. - 44, L/min. - 1250)

New G-TEC 7.508-500 DF (c.f.m. - 44, L/min. - 1250)

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The PS G-TEC Full Feature Compressed Air Workstation

The advanced controller fitted to the G-TEC range has been specifically developed to guarantee optimum monitoring and regulation of the compressor's operation, allowing flexibility and full programming of the complete compressed air station for maximum efficiency and safety.

  • Unique full feature air compressor station - Includes all components installed in to one convenient space saving, quiet and complete system with modern controls allowing maximum efficiency with reduced costs.
  • Simple installation - The G-TEC includes; air compressor, refrigerated dryer, pre and fine filtration, singular condensate drain, sophisticated electronic controller and air receiver, all pre- installed for ease of installation, reduced costs and improved reliability.
  • Quiet operation - The G-TEC series benefits from very quiet operation allowing a more comfortable work place
  • Sophisticated controls - The G-TEC is fitted with the advanced DNAair 2 controller as well as advanced safety features the controller provides a control capability for up to 4 compressors in one system and is fully programmable according to your weekly/daily work pattern. The controller also provides advanced features such as diagnostics and full connectivity with external devises.
  • Advanced cooling system - All G-TEC compressors are pre-installed with our advanced long life synthetic coolant. The specially developed formula provides a much longer service life when compared to standard oil. The special formula also provides reduced friction, improved lubrication to the air end and bearings and subsequently lower energy and running costs.
  • POLY-V belt drive system - Providing three times the service life of normal V belts with much greater drive efficiency improving output and saving valuable energy.
  • High quality compressed air - The G-TEC is supplied with fully integrated air treatment in the form of a refrigerated dryer (3°C dew point) and with two in line filters (0.01ppm) providing high quality clean and dry compressed air to your system, improving your product quality, efficiency and productivity.
  • High pressure version - The G-TEC feature models with operating pressures at 8, 10 and 13 Bar.
  • Long life and reliability - The G-TEC series benefits from state of the art manufacturing and a particular attention to detail in the manufacture and testing of all products, ensuring a very robust well constructed and reliable machine.
  • Flexible Range> 7.5kW-22kW with 270 or 500Lt air receiver depending on model. Operating pressure; 8, 10 and 13 Bar.
  • TRUST 5 Year Warranty- All G-TEC models are available with our comprehensive long term warranty which is subject to T&C’s

kW - 7.5
Hp - 10
L/min - 1250
m3/h - 75
c.f.m - 44
Bar - 8
Psi - 116
dB(A) - 62
Product L x W x H (mm) - 1980 x 700 x 1670
Kg - 386
Volt - 400
Outlet G (") - 3/4"
Receiver Size - 500Lt

DNAir2 Electronic Controller

The main controller provides a multi-function and multi-language backlit LCD graphic display, the menu is drop down type for simple intuitive operation. The display utilises familiar and convenient icons for ease of use. The main screen displays the following important information:
  • Working pressure (offload and load pressure)
  • Oil temperature
  • Compressor status (stand-by, offload)
  • Cooling fan status (off or on)
  • Date and time
  • Hours remaining to maintenance
  • Percentage load (inverter/variable speed models)
  • Dryer dew point indicator

Expansion Module Options:

GSM/GPRS/Ethernet/Wi-Fi module (for on-line compressor status, remote assistance, connection
with PC, Smartphone and Tablet, connection between neighbour compressors).

Master/slave function

It is possible to connect up to 4 compressors for managing the workload in such a way to
equalize the hours of each compressor in a network to ease servicing.
The system pressure can be dynamically programmed to various set pressures according to usage.

TRUST, Extended 5 Years Warranty, Power System                          

High efficiency Motors

The design of the G-TEC compressors, including the high efficiency IE3 motors, has been fully focused on combining the different components that make up a perfect compressed air installation for a completely integrated, modular and functional system that combines maximum convenience with optimum energy efficiency.

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