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MARK RMA 11/13 400/50 IVR

MARK RMA 11/13 400/50 IVR

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A smart direct-driven compressor, you can rely on

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The new RMA, RMB and RMC IVR compressors closely follow your air demand by automatically adjusting their motor speed to reduce your energy costs. Combined with the innovative direct driven transmission, this allows these compressors to achieve up to 35% of energy savings. In addition, it drastically lowers the lifecycle cost of the compressors by up to 25%. The highly efficient and flexible IVR oil-injected screw compressors bring new energy to your production and provide you with the strong performance and high efficiency you demand.

Get a compressor to reduce your energy cost

A frequency-driven compressor offers the potential for a very energy-efficient compressed air installation – with a return on investment of typically 1-2 years. To help you decide whether a frequency-driven compressor is right for you, MARK has created the Energy Cutter. This is a tool with which you can easily calculate – and visually present – the annual savings that can be obtained from investing in a frequency-driven compressor. In addition to the Energy Cutter tool, MARK offers energy audits, and specialized advice to ensure sure you make the right decision when buying your compressor.

Simple Installation

Their compact design makes these compressors easy to install in many different places. A reduced noise level, dryers with pre and post filters, and a fully protected transport mechanism are just some of the standout features of this range.

Solid Quality

Built using best-in-class components, the compressors deliver highly reliable transmissions, perfect air filtration, smaller thermal shocks, overload protection, complete automatic control, and an overall trouble-free operation.

Easy Maintenance and Accessibility

Ease of maintenance and accessibility were a top priority in the design of this range. All service components are located at the front of the machine for excellent accessibility to coolers, oil filter, separator, and air filter replacements.

Technical Specifications

Bar - 12.5
m3/h - 111.7 @ 5 bar
cfm - 64.9 @ 5 bar
m3/h - 109.4 @ 7 bar
cfm - 63.5 @ 7 bar
m3/h - 88.2 @ 9.5 bar
cfm - 51.2 @ 9.5 bar
m3/h - 72.3 @ 12.5 bar
cfm - 42.0 @ 12.5 bar
kW - 11
hp - 15
dB(A) - 64
kg - 243
Product L x W x H (mm) - 995 x 655 x 1045
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