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MARK MSM 5.5D 10 400/50 TM270 CE

MARK MSM 5.5D 10 400/50 TM270 CE

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A belt driven screw compressor you can depend on

Compressed air drives most businesses, consequently choosing a suitable compressor is one of the most critical decisions your company can make. The Mark MSM is the ultimate workshop belt-driven screw compressor: powerful, easy to use, and reliable. Thanks to its rotary screw technology, you get more air while enjoying lower energy costs. Better yet, you can use it all day long without cool-down periods. So add this belt-drive screw compressor to your list, explore more on this page.


The MSM range is a robust and reliable belt-driven oil-injected screw compressor - a first-class product that can be easily equipped with an air receiver, a refrigerant dryer, pre and post filters, offering you a compact and complete solution for your business. Bring fresh air into your company and enjoy the performance, simplicity and the reliability that only MARK can offer.

A reliable screw compressor to meet your needs

The MSM Series of screw compressors provides the air you need for your business. Whether you are looking upgrading from a piston compressor to your first screw compressor. Or you are simply looking for a new reliable source of compressed air - the MSM Series of screw compressor is just the choice for you, discover below a wide offer of available power sizes or contact us for more information.

Screw Compressors from 2.2kW to 30kW

With sizes ranging from 2.2kW to 30kW, you can find the perfect size of screw compressor for your needs in the MSM Series. Regardless of whether you are replacing your piston compressor with your first screw compressor or looking to expand your production capacity, there is an MSM screw compressor to meet your requirements. Explore all the sizes and specifications below.

Technical Specifications

Bar - 10
m3/h - 41.8
I/s - 11.6
cfm - 24.6
kW - 5.5
hp - 7.5
dB(A) - 64
kg - 207 
Product L x W x H (mm) - 1545 x 645 x 1340
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