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HTDM1 - T1 Automatic Condensate Drain 3/8"

HTDM1 - T1 Automatic Condensate Drain 3/8"

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Designed for use on filter housings, after coolers, dryers, pressure vessels, air receivers and compressors, regardless of size or capacity, the adjustable interval and discharge times allows you to make this unit work at its optimum and become energy efficient.
The key to this extremely reliable auto drain is the high quality brass valve arrangement which is precision machined to fine tolerances. the valve orifice bore 4mm which allows the largest piece of dirt, metal and scale to be removed along with the condensate.

Solid State Controller

The IP65 time controller is multi voltage allowing it to be used across the full range of Hi-line drains. 100% rated coils give long service life and the ability to work in elevated temperatures. LED indicators display the operation of the drain and a manual test button is also employed.


General Information

  • CE Marked
  • Fully Automatic - no maintenance
  • One model for all duties
  • Simple to install
  • IP 65 enclosure
  • Manual test switch
  • Adjustable interval and discharge times
  • LED indicators show operational status
  • Solid-state timer for long life reliability
  • Rugged ABS timer housing
  • Small compact design

Timer Details

  • Manual test switch
  • Pause time T2 - 0.5 to 45 Minutes
  • Work time T1 - 0.5 to 10 Seconds
  • Supply Voltage - 240 VAC +/- 10%
  • Current Consumption - 4mA Maximum
  • Environmental protection - IP65
  • Connection - 1 LED yellow to indicate the ON phase
  • Indicators - 1 LED yellow to indicate the OFF phase
Bar - 16
Outlet G (") - 3/8"
Psi - 232
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