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FINI PLUS 1113-500 ES (c.f.m. - 38.8, L/min. - 1100)

FINI PLUS 1113-500 ES (c.f.m. - 38.8, L/min. - 1100)

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  • Compact design and very quiet operation - suitable for direct installation in the working environment for maximum convenience and reduced installation.
  • Electronic controller ETMII
  • Advanced cooling system - The deployment of the thermostatically controlled centrifugal fan reduces noise and saves energy. The large surface area coolers for the air and oil ensures cool operation and lower air outlet temperatures even at higher ambient temperatures.
  • POLY-V belt drive system - Providing three times the service life of normal V belts with much greater drive efficiency improving output and saving power.
  • IE3 High efficiency Motors - Allowing reduced energy consumption
  • High quality air - The PLUS is available with on board refrigerated dryer (ES models) ensuring dry compressed air benefits your system.
  • Long life and reliability - The PLUS benefits from state of the art manufacturing and over 50 years experience in the production of air compressors with most components designed and manufactured 'in house'
  • Flexible Range - 7.5kW - 15kW with freestanding cabinet or with 270Lt or 500Lt air receiver and with on board refrigerated dryer

    kW - 11
    Hp - 15
    L/min - 1100
    m3/h - 65.99
    c.f.m - 38.8
    Bar - 13
    Psi - 189
    dB(A) - 69
    Outlet G (") - 3/4"
    Kg - 412
    Receiver Size - 500Lt
    Product L x W x H (mm) - 2000 x 650 x 1640

    ETMII Installed on models from 4kW to 15kW
    • Four maintenance timers (air cartridge, oil, oil filter, oil separator).
    • Automatic re-start after power failure.
    • Cooling fan temperature settable.
    • Compressor remote start settable.
    • Integrated sequence phase relay.

    Controller with multi-function backlight display, the menu is alphanumeric type. In the main screen are displayed:

    • Working pressure (offload/load);
    • Oil temperature;
    • Total working hours;
    • On-load working hours;
    • Compressor status led (stand-by, offload, load);
    • Hours remaining before maintenance.

    High efficiency Motors

    The design of the PLUS compressors, including the high efficiency IE3 motors, has been fully focused on combining the different components that make up a perfect compressed air installation for a completely integrated, modular and functional system that combines maximum convenience with optimum energy efficiency.

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