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engineAIR 5/100 10Bar 5Hp, 100Ltr (Petrol) (c.f.m. - 15, L/min. - 425)

engineAIR 5/100 10Bar 5Hp, 100Ltr (Petrol) (c.f.m. - 15, L/min. - 425)

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engineAIR 5/100 10Bar 5Hp, 100Ltr (Petrol) 

Power and versatility when electricity is not an option.

There are many advantages when buying a piston compressor. They are often related to performances and technical numbers but the focus of engineers has shifted in some cases specifically towards the usage experience. A purposeful change of paradigm which has been reflected in smart, workers oriented, practical improvements.

This is what the engine-driven mobile air compressor is about: get compressed air on-site, wherever you need it, with portable air compressors able to continuously supply compressed air to multiple tools, even for long usage periods. These machines are fully independent from electric power supplies and provide full availability of compressed air in all circumstances.

The functions performed include for instance the application of sprays to trees in order to protect them to diseases and pests, the blow moulding of leaves and quick clean-up, the maintenance of various means of transport through tires inflating and many more. 

High pressure of your air compressor can be utilized to cut down your time spent in the garden and that’s not all. As a small building contractor or a larger construction company, if you are in the harvesting business or a farmer this range fosters innovation and quality too.

This unplugged generation of compressors have petrol or diesel engines and foster your business in several circumstances, from light jackhammering to impact nailing, from transmission operations to buses and trucks lifting.

On the one hand petrol and diesel engines grants you ease of use and efficiency in air supplying through several tools. On the other hand, service and maintenance videos, a dedicated website and many other insightful aftermarket supports will make most demanding mobile services easier. Please remember that even when you are using your air compressor in outdoor environments, make sure you properly protect your lungs by wearing safety equipment.

  • Air Displacement (cfm): 15
  • Horsepower (HP): 5
  • Air receiver capacity (Lt): 100

Key Features & Benefits :-

  • Industry recognised Honda engines fitted as standard 
  • Large pneumatic tyres for all terrains 
  • Heavy duty metal belt guard for the most demanding applications
  • Dual pressure regulator for simultaneous tooling application 
  • Shockproof glycerine gauges
Technical Information
Item number 1121440112
Product Name engineAIR 5/100 10 Petrol
Oil Free No
Air Displacement (cfm) 14.5
Free Air Delivery (cfm) 10.7
Product category Piston compressors
Suitable for Professional
Horsepower (HP) 4.8
Power (kW) 3.6
Brand engineAIR
Air receiver capacity (Lt) 100
Oil volume (Lt) 0,89
Element type PAT38A
Starter Manual
Revolutions per minute (RPM) 1070
Type 1 stage
Number of cylinders 2
Weight (kg) 72
Width (mm) 520
Mobility Mobile
Depth (mm) 1110
Height (mm) 940
Integrated dryer No
Frequency (Hz) 50
Maximum air pressure (bar) 10
Cooling type Air
Sound level LpA at 4m distance 76
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