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FINI VISION 808-500 (c.f.m. - 44, L/min. - 1250)

FINI VISION 808-500 (c.f.m. - 44, L/min. - 1250)

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  • Exceptionally quiet operation
  • Mounted upon a suitably sized air receiver to form a complete system in one unit, simplifying installation and saving valuable space
  • Advanced EasyTronic IV controller provides monitoring, full programmability, diagnostics and advanced connectivity features
  • High output compressor element produces more air from less power
  • Durable and reliable in the toughest conditions
  • Compact and attractive cabinet
  • Fitted with advanced RotEnergy synthetic coolant, for reduced service, less wear and lower power consumption
  • Convenient service access with all components reached through the front panel for simple maintenance and ease of installation
  • Drive system with POLY- V drive belt for longer life and improved drive efficiency
  • The compressor element and all other major components are designed and produced at the FINI factory ensuring the highest quality with advanced design
  • Available with maximum pressure from 8 Bar to 13 Bar
      kW - 7.5
      Hp - 10
      L/min - 1250
      m3/h - 75
      c.f.m - 44
      Bar - 8
      Psi - 116
      Receiver Size - 500Lt
      dB(A) - 62
      Outlet G (") - 3/4"
      Product L x W x H (mm) - 1980 x 700 x 1650
      Kg - 362
      Volt - 400
      Type (Oil-Free/ Lubricated + Electric/Petrol) - Electric, Three Phase

      ETIV Advanced electronic controller

      The advanced controller fitted to the VISION range has been specifically developed to guarantee optimum monitoring and regulation of the compressors operation, allowing flexibility and full programming of the complete compressed air station for maximum efficiency and safety.

      Remote monitoring (on demand)

      GSM/GPRS/Ethernet/Wi-Fi module (for on-line compressor status, remote assistance, connection
      with PC, Smartphone and Tablet, connectivity in a multi compressor station).

      Master/slave function

      It is possible to connect up to 4 compressors for managing the workload in
      such a way to equalize the hours dynamically changing set pressures of the various compressors.

      High efficiency Motors

      The design of the VISION compressors, including the high efficiency IE3 motors, has been fully focused on combining the different components that make up a perfect compressed air installation for a completely integrated, modular and functional system that combines maximum convenience with optimum energy efficiency.

      Controller with multi-function backlight LCD graphic display, the menu is drop down type. In the main screen display indicates:
      • Working pressure (offload and load pressure)
      • Oil temperature
      • Compressor status (stand-by, offload, load)
      • Fan status (off or on)
      • Date and time
      • Hours remaining before maintenance
      • Inverter use percentage
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