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ABAC Vertical Air Receiver 100Ltr - Painted

ABAC Vertical Air Receiver 100Ltr - Painted

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Vertical Air Receiver 100 Litre 11bar painted + connection kit

Suitable for any application using compressed air.

• Storage function in order to handle high air consumption.
• Stabilize pressure peaks and provide a stable air flow
• Perform a preliminary separation and removal of condensate.

Moreover, installing an air receiver allows you to avoid the following risks of:
• Unstable pressure peaks
• Multiple start/stop of the compressor
• More condensate risk.

Painted tanks are recommended in most cases, when the air tank is not subjected to extreme climatic conditions and perfectly clean air is not a mandatory prerequisite. The paint is used to protect against external corrosion.

How to select the size of my receiver? 

There is no one rule that fits all as some applications require larger air receivers because of the process. However, two rules of thumb that can help to finetune:

• Your air receiver capacity should be at least 1/4 of your free air delivery expressed in m³/min.
• Base yourself on the compressor’s motor power and calculate the capacity (Motor power in HP x 30).

Example: If you install a 10HP compressor, your receiver capacity should be minimally 300 Litre.

Correctly sizing your air receiver brings following benefits for your compressors’ operations:

• Less waste during unloading period
• Overall smoother operation
• Avoid mechanical stress on several components

Technical Information
Item number 2236100970

Air receiver capacity (Lt) 100
Compressed air connection 3/4" F
Max Working Pressure (Bar) 11
Brand ABAC
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