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ABAC ATF-S 3 6 10 230/1/50 CE UK

ABAC ATF-S 3 6 10 230/1/50 CE UK

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ABAC Tech ATF-S for PRO users

Whatever needs your profession has, our PRO user range of air compressors are designed to deliver performance, efficiency and reliability to your business.

The ABAC Tech compressor range has been developed to maximise efficiency and minimise downtime in your workplace by providing air on demand, whenever you need it. ABAC Tech machines are able to provide a S1 continuous usage (100% duty cycle) without stoppage as standard.

The innovative, patented technology ensures a smooth start up and low motor loads, delivering powerful and uninterrupted compressed air, which saves you time and money.

The ATF-S delivers market-leading reliability and performance. This new range features oil free single cast double pistons, sliding along the single axis inside ceramic-coated aluminium cylinder, which reduces wear and increases durability.

Features & Benefits :-

100% DUTY CYCLE - The NEW ABACTECH range has been developed to work at S1-100% duty cycle but also for a continuous run at certain temperature conditions.

SILENT - Providing a better quality of work environment with very low sound levels of 68-72 dB that safeguards user wellbeing and reduces pipework for point of use operation.

OIL FREE - With zero risk of contamination and virtually maintenance free, save money on consumables and move the compressor anywhere without a problem.

COMPACT - Easy to transport and suitable for any workplace, this powerful but small unit is practical and user friendly with quick set up.

MAINTENANCE - 3000 Hours servicing.


What is a duty cycle’?

Air compressor duty cycles are easy to understand but often difficult to read because there are no universal characters to 
represent these values among compressor manufacturers. Simply put, an air compressor duty cycle is the amount of time 
a compressor will deliver pressurised air within a total cycle time.

If listed as a percentage, you can simply take the number of seconds or minutes the figure represents and subtract that from the total cycle time. When listed as a percentage, the duty cycle is equal to the compressor’s run time divided by the total cycle time.

So, this percentage equates to the amount of time you can keep the compressor on, plus the corresponding cool-down duration. For example, a compressor with a 50% duty cycle will need 30 minutes off for every 30 minutes on. In general, the duty cycle formula often used for calculation is expressed as Compressor time on / (time on + time off) = Duty Cycle percentage.

Continuous duty cycles

Continuous duty cycles provide constant power to machinery and tools without any downtime, which improves productivity. 
Particularly in manufacturing environments, this is a major benefit.

However, in some industries, air compressors with intermittent duty cycles are sufficient, as air is not needed continuously.

It all depends on the application and size of the tools being used and our experts can advise on the most suitable products.

New Patented Innovation Technology 

Pro User range is joining an innovative technology that grant efficiency and reliability to our products. 

The oil free single cast double pistons, slides along a single axis inside a ceramic-coated aluminum cylinder reducing drastically wear and subsequent service.

Thanks to an elevated efficiency and stability of the entire pumping system, this solution ensures low motor loads, powerful and constant flow and a smooth start-up at low current levels.

Features & Benefits :- 

  • 62mm Japanese made ball bearings. Max temp. 200°C & Max dynamic load 22,5kN
  • 2. Double PTFE guide rings (14+14mm)
  • Japaneese made roller bearing. Max temp 200°C – Max dynamic load 28kN
  • Enlarged con-rod for a constant opertation at 10 Bar
  • Innovative piston head design for higher efficiency

Technical Information
Item number 4116000872

Product Name ATF-S 3 6 10 230/1/50 CE
Oil Free Yes
Free Air Delivery (cfm) 7.1
Product category Piston compressors
Suitable for Industrial
Horsepower (HP) 3
Power (kW) 2.2
Brand ABAC
Air receiver capacity (Lt) 6
Revolutions per minute (RPM) 1400
Number of cylinders 2
Weight (kg) no
Width (mm) 470
Mobility Portable
Depth (mm) 400
Height (mm) 600
Voltage (V) 230
Integrated dryer No
Frequency (Hz) 50
Maximum air pressure (bar) 10
Sound level LpA at 4m distance 68
Sound level LwA 88
Used for Piston compressor
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