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ABAC DRY 45 Refrigerant Air Dryer (21.2 cfm)

ABAC DRY 45 Refrigerant Air Dryer (21.2 cfm)

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DRY 45 Refrigerant Air Dryer (21.2 cfm)

Today’s compressed air production process is not only a matter of producing air, but also of confirming with defined purity criteria. As humidity is a component of atmospheric air, it can be found in the compressed air distribution systems and the machines that use the compressed air in the form of condensate and/or vapour.
ABAC provides refrigeration dryers to remove condensate and vapour so that dry compressed air is achieved and a continuous efficiency is preserved.

Main Benefits

• More economical distribution network
• Longer life span of your equipment and distribution network due to less wear
• Greater productivity and lower maintenance costs thanks to less breakdowns
• Intelligent discharge silently getting rid of water (1)
• Higher final product quality
• Increased reliability of your final tools/equipment
• Energy savings with lower pressure drops
• Easy dew point indicator reading (2) 

1. Refrigerant compressor driven by an electric motor, cooled using refrigerant fluid and protected against thermal overload.
2. Refrigerant condenser air-cooled and with a large exchange surface for high thermal exchange.
3. IP 54 motor-driven ventilator for the condenser cooling air flow.
4. Air/refrigerant evaporator with high thermal exchange and low leakage rates.
5. Condensate separator High-efficiency
6. Air – air heat exchanger with high thermal exchange and low load losses
7. Refrigerant fluid separator
8. Maximum pressure switch
9. Service valve
10. Pressure switch, fan control
11. Hot gas bypass valve controls the refrigerant capacity under all load conditions preventing any formation of ice within the system.
12. Refrigerant fluid filter
13. Capillary tube
14. Service valve
15. Instrument panel
16. Impurity filter for collecting any impurities to protect the system
17. Automatic discharge of condensate which is ecological and capable of preventing unwanted discharge of compressed air

Technical Information

Item number 4102005871

Product category Dryers
Brand ABAC
Compressed air connection 1/2" or 3/4" M
Pressure dewpoint (°C) 3 °C
Nominal Capacity (cfm) 21.2
Voltage (V) 230
Maximum air pressure (bar) 16
CFC-free refrigerant Yes
Used for Air treatment

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